In recent years Sardinia has suffered extreme climatic conditions.

Floods and drought have highlighted the precarious hydro-geological equilibrium of many of Sardinia’s micro-regions.

Some areas of the island have been shown to be fragile because of, on one hand, their particular geo-morphological conformation and, on the other, structural interventions on the territory, undertaken in large measure in the closing decades of the XX century.

One of these areas is the Rio Mogoro Basin. Following the heavy rain of November 2013 the urgency was immediately apparent for works to put the territory in order and to re-qualify it.

It is here that Cesvi, operating in Sardinia since 2016, is carrying out the project “SIGUROS PRO NATURA – environmental re-qualification and sustainable management of forestry resources for the prevention of hydro-geological collapse”, in collaboration with O.S.V.I.C (Sardinian Organisation of International Christian Voluntary Work) and with the support of the department of Natural Science and of the territory (DIPNET) of the University of Sassari. The project is possible thanks to the economic contribution from Mediafriends ONLUS.

The objective of “SIGUROS PRO NATURA” is to reinforce the resilience capability of the agro-ecosystems local to the Rio Mogoro Basin, making economic resources available for re-qualification of environmental patrimony and for the recovery of the ecological and hydrogeological balance.