The sponsorship of a charitable event is one of the best ways of reinforcing your Company’s image.

Do you want to raise the visibility of your Company with an event that best suits your communication style? Or reach the strategic target of your trade mark in a highly receptive context? Contact us to identify the perfect Cesvi event for your Company.

Sponsoring charitable events such as concerts, photographic shows, charity dinners or charity marathons, is the key to promoting your Company’s trade mark in a context where your business target is very receptive. It’s a winner because it ensures a high visibility of your Company to the referenced public.

Cesvi’s staff offer you the chance to evaluate which initiative or educational programme is the best to tie in with your core business and Company objectives.

Some examples of successful sponsorship:

On Cesvi’s thirtieth anniversary a highly visible event in Bergamo saw two long term partners deeply rooted in our territory, at our side: the Banca Popolare di Bergamo and Italcementi.

Price Waterhouse Cooper is at our side to support major campaigns on food security and the right to food: from Food Right Now, shows, events, activities in schools, because food is a right for everybody, up to Global Hunger Index, a worldwide event, which helps identify which policies and concrete actions are to be undertaken for an effective fight against hunger in the world.   

In 2015, Expo 2015 created great opportunities for visibility, seeing outstanding companies as sponsors of Cesvi. They included Guna, which has for years been supporting the SuperA Peru project for the promotion of certified exportation of the super foodstuffs quinoa and Brazil nuts in the Madre de Dios region of Amazonia and the Ayacucho region in the Andes.