Founded as an Association on 18 January 1985, Cesvi was recognised as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on 14 September 1988 under the terms of art. 28 of Italian law 49/1987.

It was registered in the list of CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) as per art. 26 of Italian law 125/2014 with the decree n. 2016/337/000155/5 of 4 April 2016.

Since 21 December 2006, Cesvi is a Participatory Foundation.

It was entered on 5 February 2001 in the register of legal entities held at the  Prefecture of Bergamo and is also Onlus di diritto (non-profit organisation of social usefulness) in the terms of  D.Lgs. 460/1997.

Download the Statute (in italian, updated on 3 November 2016).

In the governance of Cesvi responsibility for orientation and control lies with the social organisation, which is mainly composed of volunteers and is run on the principle of democracy.

Practical management is entrusted to the operative organisation according to responsibility levels: this organisation is composed of professionals with support from volunteers.

The honorary founders board is composed of 20 representatives of donors and stakeholders: specifically, they are businessmen, company managers, scientists, academics, diplomats and civil society representatives. Find the full list of the honorary founders below: Silvio Albini, Daniele Barbone, Pierluigi Bernasconi, Tommaso Fumagalli, Gianvito Martino, Andrea Moltrasio, Giovanni Moro, Cristina Parodi, Carlo Pesenti, Giulia Pessina, Dino Pozzato, Gigi Riva, Marco Sangalli, Caterina Sarfatti, Rossella Sobrero, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Laura Viganò, Emilio Zanetti, Gloria Zavatta, Riccarda Zezza.