Marathons, marches, non-competitive runs, nature trails: ever more frequently sport and solidarity join forces.

In fact, many volunteers promote sporting events to raise funds for our humanitarian projects in the world. It’s a new and entertaining way to transform our passion into a caring gesture.

That is how the Run with Cesvi campaign started, which covers all the initiatives put forward and organised by our volunteers where sport is the common denominator.

The first historic event, dreamt up by the volunteer Marco Orlandi in 2009, was the “Tribe that runs”: a non-competitive run in the old town centre of Gallarate, thanks to which for every kilometre run the participants gave one euro towards the House of Smiles project in Zimbabwe. This event has been held every year since then.

Individual sporting performances can also be opportunities for solidarity. “From the office to the desert” saw our volunteer Daniele Barbone run the 110 Km in the Sahara in four stages in 2014. Thanks to the funds raised through sponsorships, the image rights and the donations collected through the dedicated site Daniel made it possible for Cesvi to restore a water well and to buy ten ploughs in Uganda.

Voluntary work is also made up of sport, passion, fun, play time and conviviality.

Do you want to organise a sporting event for a good cause? Send us your idea now to [email protected].