Do you want to visit Cesvi’s projects on a Responsible Holiday trip? You will discover all the values of really sustainable holiday.

Setting out with Cesvi means being useful to others, measuring oneself against other cultures in the light of discovery and reciprocal respect and having a positive impact on the local populations involved.

“True discovery travel does not consist of finding new territories but in possessing different eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of hundreds of others: of observing the hundreds of other universes that each of them observes, that each of them is.”

Marcel Proust

Sustainable tourism is a unique experience which gives you the chance to appreciate the artistic and natural beauty of a country and to get into direct contact with the local populations and their traditions.

It’s a form of tourism carried out with respect for the principles of social and economic justice and in full respect of the environment and the cultures. Sustainable tourism recognises the centrality of the hosting community and its right to a leading role in the development of sustainable and socially responsible tourism in its own territory. The basis is the positive interplay between the tourism industry, the local community and the travellers.

Taking part in sustainable tourism you will have the chance to enjoy a special holiday. You will get to know a locality and its inhabitants close up, you will be immersed in a new world and will see famous landscapes from a new point of view: with a sustainable holiday you are certain to have an experience that will leave you speechless.

To set out with us on the discovery of our humanitarian projects we ask for a minimum donation of €5,000. Fill in the form to find out the destinations and to receive more information.