Promotion of sustainable growth in Palestine

Cesvi is working in Palestine since 1994 and has become the technical leader for local authorities and international donors for any intervention aiming at improving waste management.

The environmental situation in Palestine is tragic, due to lack of or not adequate waste management systems, as well as a relevant part of waste generated in Israel is transferred into Palestine. This problem is especially affecting Hebron area, in Southern Palestine, where WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is treated with no technology, polluting the environment, affecting workers’ and population’s health, and with low income generation. Cesvi is about the end of the European Union-funded project “Promotion of sustainable growth in Palestine through an environmentally safe, innovative and economically valuable treatment of WEEE”, targeting Hebron area and implemented together with the North Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Green Land Society. The first tangible results of this new virtuous path have been achieved.

A WEEE treatment plant has been built and with the machinery installed electrical cables will be granulated to obtain high-quality copper, to be sold at a higher price than the one now obtained by burning cables; more, thanks to a new treatment line for flat screens from tvs and computers, high-value plastics will be recycled to open a new market. All this with no environmental pollution, nor hazards for workers’ health. The amount of the intervention is 500,000 Euros. The plant is already designed to start additional treatments for other types of WEEE.