Polytan GmbH on the side of Cesvi to bring back smiles to children in Coronavirus-struck Bergamo

In March 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic erupted in Italy. The crisis has been particularly felt in the city and in the province of Bergamo, which have suffered tremendous losses and became the epicentre of the emergency in our country. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, there is one category which has been forgotten in the midst of the efforts and restrictions put in place to protect the population: children.

In this context, Polytan GmbH, donated a football mini-pitch to be destined to Cesvi’s activities for child protection in Bergamo, to allow them to finally be able to smile again after such dire months of lockdown and isolation from their peers.

The mini-pitch is destined to playing and sporting activities addressed to the vulnerable children and teenager part of the child protection program thanks to whom we have been able to address the phenomena of child abuse and neglect, issues which are going to be even more significant due to the social and economic crisis brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. In particular the mini-pitch has been placed in the town of Lurano (Bergamo) at the centre managed by Cesvi’s Partner Consorzio FA, with whom the program will be realized. The aim in particular is to promote the well-being of vulnerable children and to support paths of resilience for the beneficiaries by valorising and discovering – through sport activities – new and different resources and talents within themselves and in their peer group.

Cesvi and its Partner Consorzio Fa will start the activities with vulnerable children as soon as the DPCM allows it, involving the whole town community, making available the mini-pitch to a large amount of people.

In the meantime, Cesvi is extremely thankful for the great solidarity and kindness demonstrated by Polytan GmbH. The company has been close to us and to our town in one of the darkest moments in its history and especially close to the children of our territory, who now have once again a chance to do what children do best: smile.