With the support of your Company or your Foundation we can carry out many projects together in Italy or in the world, to give real help.

For more than 30 years we have been carrying out projects for helping children and the environment, in emergencies and opposing poverty for the most disadvantaged populations. Let us carry on helping more than two million people!

There are many projects we can launch together with your company, playing a part in the tranquil growing up of many children and in the development of communities in the southern hemisphere.

Here are some examples of projects already supported:

  • Zimbabwe, “Oranges against poverty”

We have given the chance to 272 families in the Maramani community to cultivate their land, thanks to the installation of an irrigation system and the setting up of an orange orchard. The families can sell the oranges on the local and national markets, creating sufficient income to feed their children and guarantee them an adequate education.

  • Haiti, “Water against drought”

We have helped the communities living in the area of Aquin, in southern Haiti, by restoring damaged springs and sinking new wells, thus improving the food security of vulnerable families afflicted by drought. About 2300 families now have access to clean potable water.

  • Cesvi’s Houses of Smiles

Every year, thanks to our partners, we can give assistance with food, health and schooling to the most disadvantaged children and youths, thanks to our refuge centres called “Houses of Smiles”. These are protected and safe places grafted into deeply needy and problematic contexts, in Haiti, India, Zimbabwe, Peru, India. In South Africa we give specific help to women who are victims of violence, and their children.

  • Myanmar, “mobile clinics against malaria

In Myanmar Cesvi operates in the remote areas of Northern Shan and in South Kachin, which are not covered by the health service. For over ten years it has been running an aid project through mobile clinics, doctor and nurse teams which provide basic health services (in particular against malaria) for the most vulnerable part of the population: pregnant women, young children and kids.


Call us or write to know more about our projects in Italy and the world. Together we can identify the most suitable ones for the requirements of your Company.